The effort of hand making bespoke handbags Part 1 of 2.

It is a truly luxurious experience to own and carry bespoke handbags. You can have them customized as per your wishes without any limitation. Each of these bags is crafted by skilled individuals who take extra care to deliver the finest workmanship and finishing touches. The specific demands laid down by the customers remain a high priority throughout the process. As the requests put forward by individual clients are different, the process of making these bags can get quite challenging. So a lot of attention and expertise is needed to deliver satisfactory results. It is also very important for the team of craftsmen to have proper coordination in order to have the bags tailored exactly as per the demands of the clients.


The first step to making a bespoke bag is coming upon the right design. Clients can either sketch out their own design or choose from the catalog of given designs and tweak it to suit their taste. It is then the job of the craftsmen to bring this design to life. It is important for each of the items to have a unique personal touch. This is done by adding monograms, signatures, logos and even messages. The clients can choose from a wide range of materials and patterns. Attention to detail is a must as even the smallest things can make a huge difference to the final result. The craftsmen also consider different strategies of creating the bag and then, finally settle upon the one that fits best.

Mock design

When the design for the bag has been finalized, a mock bag is prepared by the craftsmen using paper. This serves as a blueprint to show how the bag will really look like when it is done. The mock design includes everything such as the pockets, the stitches, the satchels, monograms and other details. If the clients are satisfied with the result, the same is replicated with the chosen materials and if not, some refinements are made to the design here and there. During the process, the designer marks these areas as a guideline.

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