The effort of hand making bespoke handbags Part 2 of 2

Material preparation

Before the bags get crafted, it is important to ensure that the chosen materials or fabrics are in their right shape. For example, if the customer has chosen a particular type of leather, it is made sure that the leather is well seasoned and softened as per the demand. It is also important for the base material to be in their right shade and thickness before the stitching process begins as these cannot be altered later.


Hardware implies materials such as studs, buckles, feet and so on that are used. These are small items installed into the bag in strategic locations. However, they can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the bag. Hardware can come in different materials and shades. However, the most common ones are gold and brass. Hardware plays a very special role in determining the feel of the bag. Therefore, these are chosen only after consulting the clients. Also, the hardware suppliers are selected with care.

Marking and cutting

When the base material is ready, it is marked using specially designed scales and steel rulers. When the markings have been completed, the pieces are cut out using a scalpel or a knife. It is very important for the cutting equipment to be sharp as it ensures a higher degree of accuracy.

Inserting the logo

If the clients have requested for any personal monograms or logos, these are inserted before the stitching. The logos are directly stitched on to the material or prepared separately and then transferred to the material. If the base material is leather, it is at this stage that the embossing is done.

Assembling and stitching

When all of the pieces are ready, they are assembled together using PVA glue. This keeps them in their right place while being stitched. If there are any rough edges, these are smoothened up using sandpaper. The stitches are most often done with hands to give a raw handmade effect. In case of leather, holes are pierced into them before the stitching so as to produce a line of neat stitches.

After stitching, comes the final part where the bag is given its finishing touch. This includes adding the straps, studs, pockets, sealing of edges, and so on. Each bespoke handbag is treated with great care and attention till they are finally handed off to the customer. The end result is every bit worth the effort.

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